García Morón Olive Oil
Family Selection Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil selected by the García Moron family as the best oil harvested in the latest crop.

Balancing bitter and sharp tones, this oil features a hint of fruity, greenish-yellow color and is rich in polyphenols and natural antioxidants.

The Picual variety of olive offers a high oleic acid content and gives stability to their organoleptic properties longer.

This exquisite olive oil Limited Edition has been bottled in a luxurious dark glass bottle.


A luxe for the senses

This natural product of extreme quality preserves the taste, aroma, vitamins and nutrients all Picual olive. It has a pleasant fruity smell and taste great, as only the best olives harvest are used. It is a very healthy oil due to its low acidity, less than 0.4 °

Our olive trees grow in the region of Sierra Morena and the countryside north of Jaen and located northwest of the province.

  • García Morón directly cultivates 400 hectares of olive groves and grinding the fruits of another 1,000, belonging to medium and small farmers, guaranteeing its customers an Extra Virgin Olive Oil natural and high quality of the Picual and Arbequina.

    The GARCIA MORON family produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1850

Taste of Andalucia 100%

In this video you will learn many more things about García Morón family. Immerse yourself in the heart of Andalusia, where one of the best oils in the world is produced. We hope you like it.

5.560.000 Kg

Olives Harvest

1.100.000 kg

Olive Oil Production